Lying in the Yuzhong Plain, the well-known NANJIECUN has transport facilities. HENAN NANJIECUN GROUP owns 26 corporations, including instant noodles mills and color printing factories. Owning 2.2 billion RMB total asserts, 3.3 billion RMB output and paying 0.169 billion RMB taxes, it has been a great industry corporation and one of the first class national corporation making production, supply and marketing a coordinated process and integrating agriculture, industry with commerce. Based on this, HENAN NANJIECUN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP has been built, which consists of two medium pharmaceutical groups---HENAN NANJIECUN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP PHARMACY CO., LTD producing raw material drugs and preparation and HENAN NANJIECUN QUANWEI PHARMACY FACTORY producing big volume injection, cepha-powder and cepha-injection, lyophilic powder & lyophilic injections and capsules.

        Lying in the Zhaolin Region in the landlocked special zone Luohe City in Henan Province, to the riverside of Shali River, east to the Jinzhu expressway, west to the Jinguang Railway and 107 National Highway, HENAN NANJIECUN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP PHARMACY CO., LTD enjoys a good environment and transport facilities. Having pleasant weather, this is the ideal place for pharmacy. The predecessor of the company is LUOHE JIXIONG PHARMACY CO., LTD built in 1988 which was the biggest pharmaceutical group producing Rifampicin and one of the base source of producing Sodium Rifamycin S. Now, we have production license for more than 40 products including Rifampicin tablets and capsules and our products are welcomed at home and abroad.

        We own not only solid technical force, advanced pharmaceutical equipment and high-grade precision test equipment but also first class management and independent right of importation and exportation. As our motto is to adopt new technology to improve the quality of products, to enlarge our market by the quality of our products and establish our credit standing by good service, we are bold in making innovations, bend on improving, and eager to develop new products. By now, we have been given the Certificates of High-tech Products and High-tech Corporation by Henan Technology Bureau in 2003, and we acquired the GMP Certificate from the State Instrument and Drug Administration in 2004 and the DMP Certificate in 2005.

        As before, sticking to the market at home and abroad and insisting on the tent that quality comes the first and the custom is right, we will try our best to provide good products and warm service to all our customers. Besides, we hope that we can have the opportunity to cooperate with others in the same field at home and abroad and contribute to the development of medicine.

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