Enterprise Culture
        The person is the corpus of the business enterprise, the talented person is one of the most precious resourceses, is also the decision factor of the business enterprise the rise and fall.The business enterprise not only is a development to discover the talented person, but also want to create the talented person through the aggressive valid competition  mechanism .

       " The fool spirit" that" the south street  village medicine industry person" promotes to" make people the center", frequently and frequently the works to step to BE the person dependably and actually.The exertive business enterprise coagulates the dint to emphasize the team cooperation, unifying benefits the worth and personal life  value height that carries out the business enterprise.

       Let all employee with do" the south street  village medicine industry person" but proud of.

        21 centuries are to emphasize the healthy century, the medicine profession vigor develops boomingly;The WTO joined to all create good chance of the fast development for the south street  village medicine industry.

        Pass science and technology innovation and managements innovation, and with domestic and international of in many ways cooperate, the south street  village medicine industry wills work hard for to become having the international competition ability top-grade to make the medicine business enterprise, thus doing a contribution healthily for the public.

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