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Quality Control Process of Injection Powder

Quality Control Process of Injection Powder

Procedure Control Point Item of Control Frequency
Water Purification Pure Water Conductivity, PHChlorid 1time/2hours
Full Testing 1time/Month
Injection Water Conductivity, PH,Chlorid, Ammonia 1time/2hours
Full Testing 1tims/Week
Cleaning and tidiness for Vial, Stopper and Cap Cleaning and tidiness Cleanliness,Appearance 1time/Batch
Cleaned Vial, Stopper and Cap Cleanlinss 1time/Batch
dried and Disinfected Vial, Stopper and Cap Cleanliness and Dry ness 1time/Shift
Mixing, Formulation API and Secondary Material Name, Batch, Colour and Lustre , Assay, Coa 1time/Batch
Split Charging Splited Charging Item Dosage and Clarity In any time
Cap Clamping and inspection Cap Clamping Cap Full, Airtightness In any time
Packing Packer Material Inspection for Foreign Body In any time
Label Content, Amount, Batch, Position and completed of Label In any time
Inner Packer Content,Amount,Record of Usage In any time
Label Content,Amount,Record of Usage Per Batch
External Packing Amount, Packinig list, Presswork  Per Packer

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