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Quality Control Process of Capsule Manufacturing

Quolity Control Process of Capsule Manufacturing 

Procedule Control Point Item of Control Frequency
Material API and Seconary Materials Foreign Body, Full Testing Per Batch
Pulverization  Pulverization  Foreigh  Body, fineness Per Batch
Weight and Proporation Feeding Variety,Quantity 1time/Batch
Granule Particles Concentration & Temperation of Binding Agent 1time/Batch
Assay of water 1time/Batch
Fluidity of paticles 1time/Batch
Batches Mixing API and Seconary Materials Assayevenness degree 1time/batch
Capsule Filling Capsules Appearance In all time/batch
Discrenpancy of Capsule weitht In all time/batch
Disintegration time limited 1time/batch
Buffing Capsules Appearance 1time/batch
Aluminium plastic Packing Aluminium-plastic composite panel Appearance In all time/Batch
Outleakage, airtightness In all time/Batch
Packing Inner Packing Quantity, Package Instert In all time/Batch
Labeling Label, Amount, Record of usage 1time/batch
External Packing Presswork, Amount,Packing List 1time/batch

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